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I'm an obtuse man...
...so I'll try to be oblique
Back from vacation.  Long post to follow after I get a chance to look through photos and piece together all the stories...
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I'd definitely have to say that the past 7 days have given me hope for this year.  Got much needed hang out time with older and newer friends, I'm getting to know an awesome new "friend," and work hasn't sucked.  Lots of ideas for new projects, ideas to kick start old/existing projects, and reassurance that some of them will at least get off the ground.   Going up to visit the fam tomorrow.  Finally caught up on a lot of errands that I needed to take care of...only a few left.

I've had a pretty positive outlook on life most of the year so far, but things are actually starting to pick up now.  I think I like where things are going, and that's a good thing :).  I'd like to talk more about everything, but I don't wanna jinx myself.

Also, Fresh Young Sloppy C WILL be a reality.  Too bad I don't have the weekend free to work on it...
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F1 18 39 48 1A 9F 7A C2 75 F4 F4 FA FC 70 3A 8D

Go ahead, use it bitches!  I'm looking for a reason to sue somebody!

Claim your own:  http://www.freedom-to-tinker.com/?p=1155
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Hey Spidey, Conor Oberst is calling and wants his look back.  Who knew the venom symbiote was so emo?

Also, the movie totally would have been worth seeing if they would have found someway to make Roy Biggins Sandman's sidekick.  Just sayin'...
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Today I wore an old Throwing Muses t-shirt to work.  I just had the third person today ask me "Why would you throw Moses."  Funny stuff.

In other news, word on the street is that Jay-Z may have just died in a plane crash?  : /  We'll see, nothing in the news as of yet...

UPDATE:  Apparently Jay-Z wasn't on the plane.
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So, I was digging around the supply cabinet just to kill time and I found these weird blue rubber finger tips.  Apparently they're to help you flip through pages of a book.

So anyway, I put them on all my fingers and jumped into the other room of the office and hissed as a joke.

Coworker1:  "Sam, I think that's some of the gayest shit I've ever seen."

Me:  ::giggles::  "I know, it's awesome"

Coworker2:  "Where the hell did you find those.

Me: "In the closest"

Man, I crack myself up.
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In the past 24 hours:

* - I saw the Flaming Lips.  Amazing show.  If you ever see them, try to get as close to the stage as possible so you get in line of the confetti cannon.

* - Went to the walk in clinic.  Every doctor's office I called was closed or couldn't fit me in.  Yay for Zithromax...hopefully I get rid of these sinus problems for good.

* - Had a dream that I drove a pickup truck off the side of the road into the ocean.  Whoops.  I spent the rest of the dream trying to figure out how I was going to explain to my mom what had happened to her truck.

* - Car problems (again).  Had to get a jump to get to work.  My door locks were also messed up.  I think I'm going to seriously look into trading it in this weekend.  I love the car to death, it's pretty much my dream car...but I can't deal with another source of random stress.

* - Submitted my book.  Half my office assisted me to make this book bulletproof.  Man, I feel like I'm in middle school.  I absolutely hate people who have a little bit of power and use it to try and manipulate the system to make everyone else look bad...you know, to take the heat off of them for their poor performance.  Me and my boss took the book that the dude who keeps rejecting mine book wrote and tore it apart yesterday.  If he rejects ours again, we're going to send a mark up of his book to the end customer and show how poorly written it is.  We're preparing to have to battle it out.  This isn't going to be pretty.

* - Saw one of the funniest things ever.  A bird attacking a squirrel.  Everytime the bird pecked the squirrel, the squirrel would jump and yell.  The bird just flew behind the squirrel pecking away for at least 30 seconds.  Wow...
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Looks like I'm getting an early birthday present today!  My friend Craig messaged me last night and asked what I was doing after work.  I had no clue.  But apparently I'm going with him to see The Flaming Lips tonight.  Pretty cool stuff....I'm not a huge fan, but I hear their live show is spectacular!  And they're definitely a band I would pay to see if the tickets weren't so much.

Now if I can only beat the deadline and this cold so I can leave the office in time to go and enjoy myself when I get there....heh
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I really wish you could buy antibiotics over the counter or behind the counter with ID like with Sudafed.  Seems like I've caught my yearly sinus infection.  This explains why I've had a recurring cold for the past few months.  The thing is, I'm in the middle of a work emergency right now and the earliest I can forsee being able to go to the doctor would be late Thursday evening or sometime on Friday.  And, like usual, they'll tell me to take Sudafed and hand me over a blister pack of the flavor of the month antibiotics the drug companies are trying to push on us.

Of course I realize the reasons antibiotics aren't available over the counter, but can't we take some kind of sanity test to be able to self medicate ourselves to at least some degree.  Because, honestly, if it's common sense for me to realize I should go to the doctor to get a prescription for antibiotics to clear up an infection, I should be able to circumvent the inconvenience of having to go (and pay to go) to the doctor.

Current Mood: sick sick
Current Music: People at big companies yelling at me

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I think I need to learn how to stop hurting myself.  Anyone know where to get a cheap lobotomy these days?  bleh
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